Our E-business Solutions

Payment Gateway Integration

PGI enables merchants receive payment from their websites and is directly remitted into their bank accounts. How does it work? Customers can pay for a product or service online using either their debit or credit cards.

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Application Development

We develop web-based and mobile applications that transform businesses and improve operations. Such applications include e-Commerce sites, admission portals, business management applications  and application for corporate and government agencies.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO enables websites to be quickly found as they are ranked higher when users search for them in search engines. With our SEO solutions, applications gain more visibility on the web as users can easily access and use them.

Cloud Solutions

CS are enterprise web solutions that we use to build mind-blowing business applications for large agencies. They are solutions for companies extending their infrastructures or launching new innovations.

Have a cloud-based project to implement? We are at your service to deliver.

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Biometric Enterprise Solutions

BES are enterprise solutions used for enrolling biometric data and performing biometric verification and identification. We architect and develop solutions that use fingerprints as biometric authentication  method

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Customer Data Management

CDM is an enterprise solution designed for large organizations to access their customer data rapidly and efficiently. It is a database repository that gives access to business data from any location such data is to be accessed.

Have a CDM project to implement? We are at your service to deliver.


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Our Hardware Solutions

Computer Network System

CNS is a solution for building digital telecommunication network which allows computer hardware to share information.  We are a provider of network infrastructure  and installation service providing support and installation service for voice, data, video and wireless networks.

Security & Surveillance

SSS is a smart security solution we install in homes and offices for monitoring all the activities  within a vicinity. We  supply and install security cameras (CCTV) and surveillance equipments .

Computer Hardware Supply

We supply computer hardwares such as laptops, desktop computers, smartboards, network devices, computer accessories, servers and storage system. We also equip ICT laboratories with these hardwares and install them for our clients.